Welcome to Madina Garage

For more than 40 Years, we have offered a holistic service for all car kinds, our vision was to provide whatever a car needs in one place, with the best materials and under engineering supervision, so we can bring comfort for our customers. our services include: body repairs, paint jobs, mechanics, electronics, programming and customization. In 1970, Al haj Mohmmad Al Soubani established this Garage in Amman-Jordan, he has collected his experience working for many automobile international companies around the world, he worked for Adam Opel in Germany, BMW in Kuwait, and many other car companies in the region, the first location was in Al-Mahattah street near Al-Nasha bridge, In 1982, Madina Garage was relocated to a new location,  Oqbah Bin Amer Street in  Marka (current location), this has offered more capacity, space and the ability to present a holistic services to our customers. Through these years we have built a tremendous reputation in the Jordanian market, our customers includes the many corporate and insurance companies in Jordan.

Who is Madina Garage?

Our mission is to provide an excellent service to our customers with all their needs in one place
Our work is guaranteed, i.e. Paint jobs are warranted for 6 years
We promise our customer to provide best services, best materials and professionals to bring peace of mind to you

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